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2020 Herd

Nettie Benediction


Nettie is a flea-bitten grey quarter horse that joined InterMission in 2019. She enjoys nothing more than hanging out with her people, especially if a good grooming is in the mix. She is a patient, loving, and gentle teacher.



Brat can really be a "brat", but mostly she just wants what she wants. And if that happens to be letting herself through the fence to eat from the stacked haybales, well, she's fine with that.  She's a paint, which is both her color and her breed. She doesn't THINK she's special, she KNOWS it!

Therapy horse Mimi


Mimi is an Arab/Saddlebred cross. She is the LEAD MARE of the herd and makes sure the other horses listen to her! She loves to go trail riding and once she’s comfortable with you, she’ll let you brush her all day long. Her favorite time of day is dinner!

Herd Members from

Previous Seasons

Therapy horse Blue


Blue was a Kentucky Walking Horse mare. She came to InterMission after she developed back problems and her owners couldn’t go for trail rides on her anymore. She was pretty sad and confused at first, but once she settled in she was a favorite for younger kids because nothing really bothered her. She would stand to be groomed all day long if you were willing!

Therapy horse Tia


Tia was our founding herd member and Kari Beth's "heart horse". She was a Peruvian mare, with a sensitive and inquisitive nature. Her favorite thing was having her chest and belly scratched, and she would even lift her leg to let you really get everything itched correctly! She was a phenomenal teacher and will always be loved and missed.

Therapy horse Nemo


Nemo is a Mustang/Appaloosa cross owned by KB's daughter. He performed in the Shawano County 4H Cantering Clovers drill team and enjoys trail rides and just hanging out with his owner. When he lived in the pasture with the rest of the herd, he enjoyed doing EPALA work and was always a favorite. He still lives in Shawano with Ana.

Therapy horse Luna


Luna is an Arab mix. She was rescued from an auction, where she was likely to be bound for slaughter. She was very timid and nervous when she first arrived, but with time and patience she became outgoing and friendly with most people, and even got comfortable with the awkward parts of horse care like having her hooves trimmed. She now lives with a family in Wisconsin.

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