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How It Started

My name is Kari Beth Krieger

I grew up on a wildlife refuge, and while I learned to sneak up on ducks and force-feed injured hawks, I struggled to connect with other kids. As a kid, I never felt like I fit in, and all of my best friends seemed to have somebody else as THEIR best friend. So, I begged my parents to let me get a horse to help me emotionally. Unfortunately, they didn't, so I focused on schoolwork instead.

I left for college to earn a B.A. in Biology and Ph.D. in Developmental Genetics. During college, I uncovered memories of being molested as a child and spent a decade working with various therapists and trying different treatment approaches. Later, adopting a seven-year-old daughter from Russia led me to learn about attachment theory, therapeutic parenting, and the impacts of early childhood trauma.

The culmination of the years of therapy and the recognition of my daughter's emotions led us to own our first horses. (I was 43. Proof you should never give up on your dreams!) While the horses were initially for my daughter, I believed they were meant to be shared and that others could benefit from them as well. So, I founded InterMission, completed a 400-hour, year-long apprenticeship, and earned an Epala Equine Facilitated Coaching Certification to be able to help others with emotional trauma!

I would not be who I am today if I had not experienced that trauma and the resulting relationships with other survivors. While working with the horses, I have increasingly come to recognize how the beauty of a deep and meaningful relationship with these beautiful beings can be healing for those who have experienced trauma and enriching for anyone open to learning from them.


Role of Horses

Horses can detect subtle changes in their environment to ensure their safety as prey animals. Their perceptiveness extends to recognizing their herd mates' and human companions' emotions and intentions, making them remarkable instructors. As living biofeedback systems, they reflect our actions, allowing us to truly understand ourselves if we are observant and open.

At InterMission, we prioritize building relationships with horses. Therefore, we will not be riding but instead interacting with them on an equal footing - all six feet on the ground! We offer a range of activities, from observing the herd's natural interactions to individual interaction with one horse, such as grooming or leading. Participants can engage in simple activities, such as sharing space with the horse, or more complex ones, like identifying the horse's various "energy zones," all while focusing on a specific thought, emotion, or goal.

We use the Epala® approach to introduce participants to the seven aspects of transformation and how horses can facilitate growth in each area. The progression is not linear but more of a spiral, as individuals repeatedly move through the different levels throughout their lives. The key is to keep moving forward!

We welcome you to contact us for a demonstration session to experience the power of equine-facilitated coaching. However, we recommend committing to at least four sessions to experience what the horses offer fully.

The Facility

We are located at 9060 194th Ln NW, midway between Nowthen and Elk River.

We will work outdoors or in the barn if at all possible, although we have a heated indoor area in case of excessive cold. Sessions can be scheduled during most months of the year, depending on the weather. Separate seating/waiting areas are available for parents, siblings, or others that are not directly involved in a session.

Most of our sessions happen in the pasture.

Cold weather doesn't slow us down.

Outdoors is the place to be!

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