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Horses Teaching Resilience to Tomorrow's Leaders



We meet you in the middle of your story, and help you write the rest of it. Many people struggle to take charge of their life story, and events and circumstances continue to batter them throughout their lives. At InterMission™, we believe that every person can develop the ability to write the script for their own life, and achieve all their dreams.


Horses play a key role in teaching us how to face our fears and develop the skills that allow us to respond to life challenges with resilience. As a prey species, horses must be constantly on the lookout for predators, but they cannot survive if they are not able to relax and “go back to grazing” when conditions are safe. Therefore, they are masters at balancing these contrasting functions.

Humans, especially if we have experienced trauma, tend to lose our ability to feel safe, remaining stuck in hypervigilance and attempting to control our environment in ways that are doomed to failure.

InterMission™ horses can teach us to maintain a balanced awareness of our environment, to learn to trust ourselves to assess circumstances and respond thoughtfully. They also can help us heal from past events, teaching us how to pick up the reins and direct our course into the future.

girl with therapy horse


Youth learning healthy boundaries and social skills

Parents improving their ability to connect with and support their children 

Survivors of trauma regaining peace and adaptability 

Business teams increasing productivity 

Managers improving retention and staff engagement 

People of all ages finding graceful acceptance of life transitions


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