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Unlock Your potential

Experience Personal Growth and Transformation Through the Power of Horses



At InterMission, we believe that the power to change your life lies within you. Our herd of horses offers a unique and transformative coaching experience that can help you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.

Our experienced coaches are trained in equine-assisted learning techniques and will guide you through a series of exercises and interactions with our horses to help you gain insight into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. With this newfound awareness, you can develop the skills and mindset needed to overcome challenges, create positive change, and achieve your dreams.

Whether you're looking to improve your leadership skills, overcome fear and anxiety, or simply gain a deeper understanding of yourself, equine-facilitated coaching can help. Our coaching programs are tailored to meet your individual needs and goals, and we are committed to helping you achieve lasting results.

Are You Struggling?

Whether it's feeling overwhelmed by stress, lacking confidence, or dealing with a major life transition, struggling can take a toll on your mental and physical health and prevent you from living your best life.



Stress is a natural response to challenging situations, and it can be both positive and negative. A certain level of stress can motivate us to take action and perform at our best, but when stress becomes chronic or overwhelming, it can have serious negative impacts on our physical and mental health. Chronic stress can lead to fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, and a weakened immune system, among other issues.



Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about a future event or uncertain outcome. While it's a normal and often helpful response to stress, anxiety can become problematic when it's excessive, persistent, or interferes with daily life. Symptoms of anxiety can include rapid heartbeat, sweating, trembling, and difficulty concentrating, among others. 


Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence is a feeling of uncertainty, self-doubt, or inadequacy in one's own abilities or worth. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including past experiences, negative self-talk, or unrealistic expectations. People who lack confidence may avoid challenging situations or opportunities, which can limit their potential for personal and professional growth.

These are just a few examples of issues you may be facing. Struggle is an inherent part of the human experience, and it is through facing and overcoming our struggles that we grow, learn, and become stronger individuals. Through experiential learning with horses, clients can gain valuable insights and new perspectives on their lives, relationships, and work, leading to greater self-awareness, confidence, and personal growth.


What We Do

A session with the InterMission horses is designed to help each person develop a skill or aspect of understanding that will benefit them in their life. Examples include reinforcing one’s own boundaries, noticing and respecting others’ boundaries, connecting to deep feelings, recognizing false limitations, and honoring oneself and one’s relationships. We use the EPALA model of equine-facilitated teaching, which is focused on building relationships with the horses and creating mutual understanding and connection.

What our clients say

“InterMission Coordinator and Owner Kari Beth has gone out of her way to assist with Equine Therapy for my PTSD daughter. On several occasions we have been seen for sessions. She has boosted my daughter's confidence in the world around her. Her face lights up when we announce we are going for a visit. She loves the horse TIA the most. My daughter has been able to learn not just the basics of horse care, behaviors and riding but she is learning how being around the animals is calming to her stress from PTSD. It is a wonderful thing as a parent to see your child smile again!”

Amber Evans


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