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Equine Facilitated

Personal Growth and Healing


Package 1

Client working with horse

Individual Sessions

In order to be safe working with the horses in our regular sessions, clients should be able to understand and follow directions, and stand and walk independently. However, we can structure sessions for mobility impaired clients or those with other special needs upon request.

Sessions are $125/hour and 30-90 minutes in length depending on the age and attention span of the client. Discount for 4 sessions.

If cost is an issue, please

apply for one of our scholarships. 

Observation Activity

Group Sessions

Small groups of 2-4.

Not recommended for younger children.

Learn even more from each other and the horses during unique sessions focused on personal growth and enrichment. 

$150 total per 60 min group session.

We recommend you plan on two or more sessions to get the best experience. 

If cost is an issue, please

apply for one of our scholarships. 

Nemo hanging out with a buddy

Demonstration Session

Meet us and find out more!

The best way to find out what to expect

is to come experience a complimentary session for yourself.

We'll go through the basics of the Epala® approach and introduce you to the horses.

Nemo hanging out with a buddy

Horse Camp

Come spend a day with the horses! This opportunity for kids ages 7 and up lets them learn more about the basic needs of the horses and what it takes to have a horse.  Includes lots of hands-on time grooming, leading, and even riding. 

Full day: 10am - 3pm $100/child

Family camp is a wonderful way to connect while you all experience the joy of horses!

Up to 6 people total. Kids of all ages must be accompanied by at least one adult. 

Full day: 10am - 3pm $300

Half Day: am or pm $150

Blue getting some special attention.



Integrate us into a

current treatment program. 

If you would like us to work with your 

existing team of helping professionals,

please have them contact us.

You can also give them the information on our page for Other Helping Professionals.



Each session focuses on one or more of the 7 Aspects™ of Horse and Human Transformation. Individual sessions focus on a specific area that the client wants to address, while group sessions have a more general focus, allowing each person to receive the messages unique to their circumstances. In either case, sessions follow the same basic structure. Sessions begin with simple exercises to help us shake off the cares of the world and get ready to approach the horses with open hearts and minds. These may include anything from active games to quiet meditation, with the intention of focusing our minds on our intentions for the session.


EPALA is an educational approach, so there will also be some conversation to provide information that will be useful during the interaction with the horses, and lots of opportunities to ask questions. These first steps are “setting the stage” for the horses to teach us.


After the preparation steps, it’s time for individual interactions with the horses! This could be things that sound simple, like walking up to the horse, grooming, or inviting the horse to follow you around the arena. However, things at InterMission™ always have layers of meaning, so we will be doing these “simple” activities in ways that help us develop skills that will transfer to other areas of our lives. For instance, walking up to a horse also requires noticing how the horse reacts to our presence, non-verbally asking permission to enter their space, and showing respect for their boundaries! Here is where the horses do their magic. My job is to make sure everyone stays safe, and to be open to whatever messages the horses have to teach.


Finally, we will wrap up with a chance to discuss what happened in the session and what lessons were learned. Often, I will be learning right along with you, because the horses can teach on so many levels at the same time! Of course, there’s always a chance to unwind a little and say goodbye to the herd before leaving.


Because each session builds on previous experiences, I recommend you commit to at least four sessions to really get a sense of the powerful learning that the horses can provide. 


If you are currently working with a therapist who is interested in adding this modality to your program, please contact Kari Beth to discuss options for integration.




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